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The Oregon Students of Color Conference provides a safe, inclusive, welcoming space for students of color, which includes queer and trans students of color and allies to express their voices and experiences. We are focused on education around social and political inequalities for students of color that includes a queer justice lens to help establish ways to continue advocacy and progress. Students will interact with community organizations and hear from keynote speakers who have created real change in society. The conference will provide great networking opportunities with hundreds of students of color, queer and trans students of color, and allies from the Pacific Northwest!

The Oregon Students of Color Conference will be November 17-19th @ University of Oregon


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Roots: Radical Organizing in Oregon & Transforming Solidarity

Join us at the 17th annual Oregon Students of Color Conference, where this year’s theme is ROOTS: Radical Organizing in Oregon and Transforming Solidarity. “ROOTS” is accompanied by the notions of history & celebration, growth & transformation and of systemic engrainment & structure. We get back to our roots by claiming our history and celebrating, uplifting, and praising cultures of color. We put down our roots when we build our organizations and our communities. We tear up by the roots when we decolonize the spaces that we’re in and when we demolish the structures built to oppress us.

In this system that criminalises, commodifies & silences black and brown bodies, to take space & to take breath, to survive is a revolutionary act; to be of color is RADICAL. We come together November 17th-19th around the premise of ORGANIZING our distinct communities, connected by the racialization of our bodies, to create mutual power through the exchange of ideas and techniques for our survival, for healing our trauma and for building our resistance. These methods are especially vital for us in OREGON, a state whose history & reality is grounded in the pursuit of a white utopia and whose body is built on indigenous land. Here in Eugene, we are on the land of the Kalapuya Nations from the area, Chifin, Winefelly, Pee-u (Mohawk), and Chelamela Nations.

We change the spaces we occupy by defying and redefining the trajectory of that history: PoC are TRANSFORMING Oregon. Revisiting the intent of OSCC17: ROOTS: We share this space, our time and our stories with one another so that we can build connections between peoples who are united by a shared understanding of race-based oppression and marginalization. By incorporating our struggles, shared and unique, into a movement predicated on the liberation of peoples of color, we can redefine what it means to be in SOLIDARITY.


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Friday 2pm-9:40pm

Saturday 9am-10:30pm

Sunday 9am-2:15pm

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Are you passionate about empowering students of color and their allies to be leaders in their communities? Joinus at the 17th Annual OSCC Conference as a workshop presenter and help students gain the skills and information  they need to become change makers and movement shakers! The Workshop Proposal Deadline: October 20th, 2017. You can find the workshop proposal form here.

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Extended Deadline: October 20th