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Fall 2018 General Election Deadline is

Tuesday, November 6th @ 8PM


Where is my ballot?!?

If you did not receive your ballot, contact your county clerks office!

What all is on my ballot?

Check out our non-partisan Oregon Student Voter Guide!

How do I vote?

Ballots are mailed to voters. Voters fill out their ballots at home then drop off their ballot at a drop box or mail it in. In Oregon we don’t vote at a polling location.


Voters must have a stamp to mail in a ballot. Your ballot must be mailed no later than Wednesday, Oct. 31st.

Drop Off

Your ballot must be received by 8pm on November 6th for your vote to be counted.This is the most convenient option for most students. Voters don’t need a stamp if they bring their ballots to a drop box location. There are drop boxes on campus managed by student volunteers and drop boxes near campus.

Where Are Ballot Drop Boxes Near Me?